Welcome to the Superior Running Co. blog – a place I will share about all things running.  Two general themes of the blog will include: celebrating our love of running and the joy it brings and discussing training principles and applications. 

Running as a passion

Not only do we find enjoyment in the act of running, we learn about ourselves through running. We develop strong bodies and disciplined work ethics. Our hard work reaps great rewards! When it comes down to it, we run because we love it. The Superior Running Co. training philosophy prioritizes celebrating our love for running and the joy it brings and this blog will do the same.  I will discuss the practical and experiential aspects of running, sharing some of my own struggles and successes along the way.  


Training is challenging and rewarding, and we can find great fulfillment in reaching our goals! Developing effective training plans supports us in achieving those goals. This blog will discuss strategic approaches to training and physiological responses to training. By understanding our physiology and appropriate training strategies we can train to our best abilities and discover we are capable of much more than we believe to be possible. 

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Interested in discovering what you are capable of? Contact me at superiorrunningco@gmail.com for more information!

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