We are all in this together!

Hi all!

The “We are all in this together!” posts are weekly training updates, glimpses into my personal training weeks with all their highs and lows, struggles and successes. Another week of training in the books! The past few weeks have been a winter wonderland whirlwind of adapting to training in the upper peninsula winter! 

We’ve already gotten over 50 inches of snow here, so training lately has been all about getting accustomed to running in much more snow than I’ve been accustomed to and realizing how this consistent snowfall (and shoveling!) will be a part of my training throughout the winter. My passion within running is trail running and I knew I wanted to continue to explore the trails. I was familiar with snowshoe running from dabbling in it when I lived in Wisconsin, and the upper peninsula winter wonderland sparked a transition to more frequent snowshoe running with additional snowshoeing on the weekend to build up mileage. Anyone else run in snowshoes in the winter? Snowshoe running is difficult and the pace is slower than trail or road running; this has been a bit frustrating. The transition has been humbling to say the least; however, it has already brought me to some picturesque places, realizations of gratitude, and waves of excitement for what the future has in store. I believe incorporating snowshoe running will be a great way to build a solid base going into spring.

Interested in snowshoe running or want to watch a dreamy mountainous snowshoe running clip? Here’s some introductory information about snowshoe running and a clip of the World Snowshoe Championships (2018)  from the World Snowshoe Federation: https://worldsnowshoe.org/snowshoe-running
More on snowshoe running throughout the winter training updates!

Strength and cross training this week included 2x total body lifting, a bit of yoga, and…shoveling! I’ve found that regular strength training and yoga straightens/strengthens some of my imbalances to help me avoid injury. Shoveling is great for some strength building and building additional time on foot. The stillness during a snowfall provides the perfect opportunity to work on mental training as well. Repeated shoveling is a great “I don’t want to do this anymore” activity that, when completed, brings a feeling of accomplishment. This quiet time also provides an opportunity to daydream – to imagine upcoming races and build excitement! My skis are at the ready to get out this upcoming week, more on that next Monday!

Rest and recovery brought time with the foam roller. Like most runners, I hate it…but I love it. It definitely leaves my legs feeling noticeably “fresher” the next day. I had the opportunity to try a Hypervolt a few months ago and every time I foam roll I still dream about it. If you have the opportunity, try it out – it’s awesome! I also began reading What I Talk About When I Talk About Running by Haruki Murakami.  Great read so far but I’m still just beginning the book so more on that later! I’ll wrap up for the week with a quote from What I Talk About When I Talk About Running that I’ve been reminding myself of this week, “Say you’re running and you start to think “Man this hurts, I can’t take it anymore. The hurt part is unavoidable reality, but whether or not you can stand any more is up to the runner himself”.  

Have a great week!


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