We are all in this together! Inspired by others

The “We are all in this together!” posts are weekly training updates – glimpses into my personal training weeks with all the highs and lows, struggles and successes.

Shorter post this week but a solid week of training and I’m feeling pretty good. Runs in the snow this winter are reminding me of summer beach workouts. There is consistently snow on the ground here and I find myself sometimes feeling frustrated by this, until I remind myself – the snow is absolutely beautiful and it provides a variable to work with which is not only good physical training, but also incredible mental training! Waking up early to run feel difficult? Add in freezing temps and snow for a few months and now just waking up early is a piece of cake! Amazing how that works, right?! I also can’t help but be inspired seeing others getting out to enjoy all winter has to offer: surfing on Lake Superior, fat tire biking, cross-country and downhill skiing, ice climbing and snowshoeing – the list could go on and on. I am grateful to live in a place where we encourage each others desires to get out, be active, and explore.

Runs both through town and taking the snowshoes out to the trails this week. Some relaxed hill repeats and the rest base mileage, conversational pace with strides. Still base building so hill repeats are more for variety at this point. Continued cross-country skiing for cross training this week. I’m having so much fun getting in extra activity through skiing – I’m hooked!

Strength training x2 again this week along with some yoga. I’ve been trying some other options for yoga now that going to a studio doesn’t fit in very well with my schedule. I was putting together my own yoga sequencing, but I recently heard about Fightmaster Yoga and tried out a couple videos this week. Designing your own sequencing is fun, but sometimes it’s nice to not have to think about it and just have someone to tell you what to do, amiright? Interested in checking it out? Here’s the link! Fightmaster Yoga –  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcox27Gc-NGbb2-X9hdLaMw

Today I got some very exciting news and added another race to my 2020 calendar. I’ll be looking at the training I had laid out to add Superior Fall 50 mile in September. I am thrilled to be running this race along with the others I have on the calendar.  More talk about nutrition and reflections on the book What I Talk About When I Talk About Running by Haruki Murakami. Here’s to another week of training!

Have a great week!


Interested in discovering what you are capable of? Contact me at superiorrunningco@gmail.com for more information!

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