We are all in this together! On the move

The “We are all in this together!” posts are weekly training updates – glimpses into my personal training weeks with all the highs and lows, struggles and successes, and some of my thoughts along the way.

Hello again! It’s been a couple weeks. Life has a funny way of doing that sometimes, doesn’t it. I was focusing on coaching while (unexpectedly!) moving but now I am settled and looking forward to sharing my weekly training updates! To recap, my training right now, while I have other races leading up to it, is focusing on the Superior 50 mile. I have been taking advantage of ALL things winter – snowshoe running, cross country skiing, etc. I have absolutely loved this and have posted some resources about how it can benefit your training. I’m still doing my best to eke out every last opportunity to incorporate these things into my training. Runs the past couple weeks have been both on road and trails. Like most, I fit runs into a busy schedule. This can be good! Training on top of long days can be great mental training for longer races.

I focus on consistency in my training. Sometimes, on particularly long days, the goal of my run is just to get out and do SOMETHING. I love this, it allows me the freedom to work hard when I have the time and opportunity, and still feel productive and successful when I do not. On days when I have more time I have been doing longer days out on the trail 2-4 hours(ish). On longer work days, runs have been 30-60 min.

For strength training, I’ve been back at the climbing gym. I absolutely love rock climbing and am looking forward to getting back to climbing outside come spring. I supplement this with some weight training and yoga at home. Full disclosure, I have not been recovering as intentionally as I know I should. So, a goal for this coming week is to spend more time recovering – rolling, resting, and (trying) to get enough sleep! I recently ordered a Trigger Point Impact. From the few times I’ve used it, it seems like it is a great price point option for a massage gun. It does not have interchangeable heads like the Hypervolt, but I think it will do the trick just fine. I’ll post more about that once it arrives and I use it more frequently. Here’s the link if you want to check it out! https://triggerpoint.implus.com/product/impact-massage-gun

This weekend I worked at a Women’s Health Fair. It brings me so much satisfaction to promote health and wellness. Speaking with attendees about running filled me with more motivation to tackle my own goals. And, isn’t that one of the greatest parts of the running community? We feed off of each other’s enthusiasm and success, and support one another in the pursuit of our goals.

Have a great week!


Interested in discovering what you are capable of? Contact me at superiorrunningco@gmail.com for more information!

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