Changing Course

These posts on the blog are intended to give you a glimpse into my training – highs and lows as well as my thoughts along the way. 

I took a couple weeks to think about how I wanted to proceed with these posts as life and training has changed significantly for everyone. Posting training updates the past few weeks just hasn’t felt… right. I wanted to give some time for the gravity of the current situation to sink in, to become knowledgeable about the safety of training through this pandemic to do my best to keep myself and our Superior Running Co. athletes safe and healthy. Personal training updates just didn’t feel like a priority.

Going forward I’ve decided the blog will continue. Not because I am unaware of or unsympathetic to all the pain and suffering happening through this current situation – quite the contrary. The gravity of the suffering we have experienced and have yet to experience weighs on me every day. That’s exactly why I’ve chosen to continue the blog. To provide a space away from the anxiety of the current state of affairs. To celebrate the “normal” of a daily run through all the abnormal. To celebrate perseverance and hope.

The blog will inevitably change course a bit during this time. My training calendar, like so many of yours, has had the rug ripped out from under it a bit. This is OK. I feel totally fine about this. I am alive and healthy – and am feeling immensely grateful to be so fortunate.

My priority these past few weeks is to be sure I am being responsible in protecting myself and others from illness while training. This continues to be my priority. This means I have bailed on runs, often finding trailheads too crowded for comfort – which has led to running on the road more often and choosing to run early in the morning or late at night to stagger my exercise with popular times. It also means a lot of supplemental training at home. Backyard workouts have sparked me to become more creative – and with a recent blizzard, even more so! Yoga and strength training happen more frequently – which is great. We can sometimes lose sight of just how vital these “others” are in our training. I believe yoga is responsible for helping me stay injury free (knock on wood) and using this as an opportunity to incorporate more of it has been really nice.

I volunteered last week with a local land conservancy doing some early season trail maintenance. This helped keep these areas open for people looking to enjoy the outdoors. Volunteering is central to my involvement in the community, it has been odd to not have many opportunities to do so right now. This was a nice way to feel helpful. I’m also revisiting my training library. I just started Training Essentials for Ultrarunning by Jason Koop. I’m excited to read it again and see what additional information I get from it – and share some training tidbits with you!

Health and safety are my and Superior Running Co.’s priority through all this. No run is worth risking your health. That being said, running has great physical and psychological benefits that are both valuable during this uncertain time. Everyone’s situation is different, recommendations regarding how to train through this pandemic should be considered on an individual basis.

I’m looking forward to staying connected. As always, feel free to reach out. Here’s to being good to one another.

‘Til next time,


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