COACH’S JOURNAL | 7-24-2020

Here we are, after weeks of deliberating about whether to post – going back and forth between my desire to be an encouraging voice and commitment to being sensitive to the reality that times are absolutely not normal. Riding the waves of constantly changing realities and responses, waiting for the ‘right’ time. But just like during more normal times in life, there often is no ‘right’ time – instead we navigate a succession of leaps of faith going with our best knowledge and gut feeling. So as it has become increasingly clear that we will be living in a state a relative uncertainty for longer than expected, I focus on today. And today, we are gratefully alive and healthy – so we continue to run, just as we have while traversing all that life has put in our path before this. The purpose of these posts is to provide a glimpse into my own training and share some thoughts along the way. So here’s where I’m at.

The tumultuous ebbs and flows have admittedly been affecting my training similarly, some days feeling unstoppable and others heavy with the weight of the world. The current events and cancelling of races brought on an upheaval in this year’s training plan along with a new goal – maintain progress and motivation while enjoying training as a reprieve from the day to day stress. Running for the pure, unbridled love of it and all the good it brings. Seeking out climbs to exposed vistas and paths less traveled to tucked away waterfalls, stopping to swim in the creek or forage the summer’s ripe berries along the way. Training based on feel, physical and psychological. Some days rocking unplanned PR’s and others taking my sweet time to wander along. That’s what my training looks like right now. No races, no strict “plan” – except – an absolute emphasis on and commitment to planned consistency and enjoyment of training. Every day, getting out to do something. Running most days – and adding in some climbing, cycling, swimming, yoga, lifting, kayaking – you name it, I’m probably doin’ it. In practice, this is running 5 – 6 days per week along with 1 – 2 of the other activities per day.

So, no glamorous paced interval workouts right now – just back-to-basics consistency. Hard-times training – the kind that feeds your soul and further develops the relationship of mutual respect between the mind and body, that which guides us in knowing when we can push harder and when we need to take a step back. Every day learning how to better adapt to the unexpected, developing grit and resilience through embracing, and thriving through, the suffering. But more importantly, further developing an impassioned love for just doing – such that training is fun, not work.

Invaluable stuff happening through this time of unconventional training – soak it all up and keep on keepin’ on.


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