TRAIN | The Power of the Daily Grind

Reflect for a moment on your most successful training blocks. What underlying similarity can you identify amongst them? I’d venture to say that consistency comes in near the top of the list. How do we develop consistency in training? Do some people just have endless motivation, seemly immune to the doldrums so many of us face? Quite simply, no. Given, well, life for the 9 months, I figure discussing motivation is pretty apropos. How can we use our big, beautiful brain to our advantage when all it seemingly wants to do is doomscroll and eat cookies? (asking for a friend lol)

Establish a routine, such that your mind and body are set to run no matter what life throws at your plans. Gaps in motivation will inevitably come into our most well-intentioned training blocks, but a routine can help bridge those gaps to build and maintain consistency. My favorite approach to this is – train one day at a time.

Reflect on how much easier it is to commit to one run than a 6-month training plan. The latter can seem daunting, but just one run? Outta your way, you got this! And so, it begins. Every day committing to just that day of training – a week later you look back and you got it done. A month after that, look back and hot damn you’re on a roll. 6 months later you’ve run further or faster than you ever dreamed imaginable – all by only committing to one single day at a time.

This repetitiveness and routine sets you up to continue, even on days when you may not want to, simply because – it’s what you do. And why? Why continue through the lows? Well, because the good times have brought highs better than damn near anything you’ve ever experienced. And that, is worth chasing through just about anything. Keep that twinkle in your eye – big things are in store for you.

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