Welcome to Superior Running Co.! Our mission at Superior Running Co. is to guide you through exploring your strengths and achieving your goals while promoting a welcoming, supportive running community. The name Superior Running Co. is a nod to our midwestern, Great Lakes roots in Wisconsin and our current location in Marquette, MI. We’ve always been drawn to the Great Lakes. Whether gentle waves or powerful gales, they lap ashore – inspiring us to do the same in our training. To be present, every day, to enjoy the routine calm and adjust for whatever storms may come our way.

We are continually inspired by seeing others accomplish things they once thought weren’t possible and our fulfillment comes from seeing you succeed in accomplishing your goals. We love that running provides us with countless opportunities to be unsure of ourselves, and then prove to ourselves that we are indeed capable. Our coaching philosophy emphasizes consistency and enjoyment in training, even when it takes some grit to get it done. We use evidence based professional resources to design well thought out training plans. Whether you are new to running or a seasoned veteran, you will receive personalized training plans specific to your individual goals. Any pace, any distance – with Superior Running Co. you will receive personalized attention and we will work collaboratively through consistent feedback, communication, and support.

We are invested in the running community because it has enriched our lives in ways we never expected. Without the support of others, we acknowledge that our own accomplishments would have never happened. Race directors, volunteers, trail organizations, fellow runners, the list truly goes on and on. We appreciate you and in turn we promote a welcoming, supportive running community. Through coaching, community involvement, and volunteerism, we are committed to not only celebrating our own successes, but also supporting one another and the natural spaces we love to explore.

Contact Melissa at superiorrunningco@gmail.com with any questions or for more information!